ReadSoft Online – Data capture in the cloud

Automated AP processing ultimately starts with capturing the data from your supplier invoices – regardless of their origin or format. ReadSoft Online, offered as a cloud SaaS solution on Microsoft Azure, provides easy and flexible automatic data capture for all types of supplier invoices – paper, pdf, EDI or e-invoice (XML) – without any manual entry required.

With ReadSoft Online customers can easily automate the data capture process: paper invoices can be scanned using a standard multi-function printer, PDF-invoices can be pulled from a central e-mail inbox, e-invoices can be directly fed into ReadSoft Online for interpretation. This means that suppliers can continue to submit their invoices in their preferred format, yet the data capture is standardized providing uniform invoice data that is processed in ExFlow.

With an easy-to-use user interface, ReadSoft Online makes data capture a breeze, if errors are detected they can easily and quickly be adjusted. ReadSoft Online also validates the captured data against ERP master data to ensure optimal data quality.

ReadSoft Online efficiently captures invoice data both on both header and line level, empowering organizations to utilize line-level three-way matching in ExFlow.

Best of all, ReadSoft Online is a cloud-based solution that seamlessly integrates with ExFlow. As a SaaS cloud solution hosted on Microsoft Azure, Readsoft Online provides a secure data capture solution that does not require any new servers and is low maintenance for IT departments.

ReadSoft can be set up for document capture from several input sources:

  • Scanned in a multi-function printer and e-mailed to a customer-specific e-mail address
  • E-mail attachments to customer-specific address
  • Upload through ReadSoft Online Connect
  • Upload through the web user interface

Invoices can be uploaded one by one or in batches. Where a single PDF document is received containing multiple invoices, the page separation service can be used to quickly split these into individual invoices.




E2B, EHF, UBL, FatturaPA, ESXML,
Finvoice, Svefaktura and ZUGFeRD.

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